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Dr. Timothy Hennig: Your Beamsville Optometrist

As vision care providers, we understand there are many options out there for contact lenses and eyeglasses. When you visit the optometry clinic of Dr. Timothy Hennig, you can expect attentive, thorough service for patients of all ages. Because, your eyes are worth it!


** COVID-19 NOTE: If you have glasses or contact lenses at the office that need to be picked up, please call the office to schedule an appointment.

What About Your iHealth?

Your eye health is important to us. With the latest high-tech imaging equipment, we are able to look inside your eyes to determine their health. Seeing clearly and comfortably is vital for all distances, especially when using tablets, smartphone desktop computer and laptops. Excessive screen time can cause a number of significant issues, such as eyestrain, blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches.

Today, there are several options for computer users with chronic eyestrain, including glare-free lens coatings and vision therapy. It’s also recommended after 20 minutes of screen time to focus on a distant object 20 feet away for 20 seconds. That is the 20/20/20 rule!

About Dr. Hennig

Dr. Timothy Hennig is Fellowship-trained to provide vision therapy. He graduated from the University of Waterloo School of Optometry. Dr. Hennig is a member of the Canadian Association of Optometrists, Ontario Association of Optometrists, American Optometric Association®, and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

News and Updates

Acuvue® Oasys with Transitions™ Light Intelligent Technology™

The first-of-its-kind light-adaptive contact lens, brought to you by Acuvue®. The lens adapts to the light around you for all-day, soothing vision. Whether you're going from indoors to out or simply going on a hike, this lens knows how to change with the light. Click here to learn more.

Optomap Retinal Exam

We offer Optomap Retinal Exams at our clinic to get a detailed screening of your retina to check for early signs of eye conditions and diseases. This is a painless and quick exam that typically doesn’t require your eyes to be dilated. With these images we can check for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and stroke. If you have a family history of these conditions, speak with Dr. Timothy Hennig about an Optomap exam during your next appointment.

1-Day Acuvue® Oasys Contact Lenses

Do you experience eye fatigue? Our optometry clinic offers 1-Day Acuvue® Oasys contacts that give our patients ultimate comfort all day while wearing their contacts. These daily disposable contact lenses keep your eye well moisturized and your vision consistent throughout your day. Don’t ever go through a day with tired and dry eyes with 1-Day Acuvue® Oasys contacts. Click here to learn more.

Healthy Vision: It’s in Sight

To schedule a vision consultation or eye exam, call Dr. Timothy Hennig. Our clinic is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM. We are located on the west side of Queen Street, between King and Mountain Streets. Additional driving directions are available on the “Contact Us” page.

Beaming Eyes for Beamsville

Dr. Hennig provides vision care to patients of all ages, from infants to seniors.

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